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Because spending the entire season this year putting up all new exterior fencing around 5 acres just wasn’t enough, we decided to add some interior fencing in the cold, wet, horrible weather! But….our emu breeding pair should finally be laying eggs this winter.

Emu are very interesting animals. Did you know, they take several years to become sexually mature and then the female rules the roost! She chooses her partner, lays the eggs and the male sits on them then hatched and raises the young! And watch out if she gets crabby, which is not an unusual behavior for a laying female. She can kill the male if he makes her angry, as well as the newly hatched young.

Since this is our pair’s first breeding year together and the hormones are raging, we decided adding a secondary fenced field enclosure was a good idea to keep Forest safe should Marvin go postal. 😜 Forest is totally ready for her to start laying eggs and take some interest in him.

He’s been flirting with all the deer in the field and even “assumed the position” by dropping onto his knees then creeping up on them like a forklift with his feet stretched out in front of him. They are not amused!

We’ve still got one more gate to put in but I can’t wait until all this outside work is finished! 🥶